Not every house gets to have a water view in Maine. This house is on a quiet wooded lot outside the village. The house is as peaceful and quiet as it’s setting.

It’s a house for a couple with grown children and grandchildren who will visit often. It’s the blessing and curse of living in such a beautiful place like Maine. Their bedroom and bath are close by the open plan kitchen, dining, and living area while the guest bedrooms are a little more separated. The guests even have their own entry door so they can come and go directly if they choose. All of this is on one floor yet it’s still a very compact plan.

Like all our houses, energy performance is very important. With views to the outside comes with more than normal amounts of glass. That means more heat losses through glass and so all aspects of the design and construction are considered in terms of their energy efficiency. That means building the right size house and using materials wisely. It also means testing the house during construction and relying on the conscientious craftsmen who are building the house.